The Film Crew Institute proudly partners with producers, studios, networks, streamers, and local film commissions to train a local workforce for project specific needs and satisfy both union and tax incentive training requirements. From local market recruitment and SET READY training before principal photography, through to boots on the ground apprentice and Production Assistant Training Coordinators, we solve your crew scaling and retention problems.

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Cherokee Nation

With a mission to increase the presence of Native Americans in every level of the film and television industries, the Cherokee Nation reached out to the Film Crew Institute to provide native training on tribal lands to support projects such as Martin Scorsese's 'Killers of The Flower Moon' and Taika Waititi's Reservation Dogs.


City of Tulsa

Last year the city of Tulsa hosted over 30 films and television shows shooting in the city. With a booming industry it was important that the city invest in a crew base that could not only meet the demand but also understand how to grow their careers for the long term stability of the cities workforce. 


As part of LionsGates crew training and diversity initiative, the Film Crew Institute worked with the studio to identify a number of apprentices that could work across multiple shows including American Underdog. Our partnership team found suitable candidates for various departments, provided them with SET READY training, and worked as a point of contact for questions apprentice questions during the shoot.